Revision Back Surgery

We specialize in revision back procedures to treat you if you had an instrumented procedure by another surgeon. An instrumented procedure might be a neck/cervical fusion, an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion or it could be a lumbar fusion. We regularly repair these problems with success.

Revision back surgery is complicated. While it often requires a lengthy hospitalization, we are usually able to accomplish it outpatient. Our minimally invasive techniques can repair your problem and yet allow you to walk the very next day at home.

We perform revision lumbar fusion, revision pseudo screw fusion, and anterior cervical fusions.

Artificial Disc Replacement Options

Bryan Disc

The Bryan disc is an artificial disc manufactured by Medtronics and approved for use in the United States in 2009. It moves in all planes and this can restore flexion, extension rotation and side bending. The artificial disc is FDA approved for 2 levels in the U.S.

Mobile C 

The Mobile C artificial disc was first FDA approved motion preservation device for 2 levels. It is manufactured by LDR which has recently been acquired by Zimmer. It was first implanted in Europe in late 2004.