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Hip Osteoarthritis

hip-osteoarthritisHip Osteoarthritis is a condition where cartilage in the hip joint starts to break down, causing pain and uncomfortable symptoms in your lower back, hips, and legs.  Many people who experience lower back or hip arthritis have it in other joints, which results in doctors frequently misdiagnosing the root cause of pain and performing a failed surgery. Our doctors are expertly-trained spinal surgeons who specialize in fixing failed back and hip surgery.


The most common symptoms of hip arthritis (osteoarthritis) are pain in the hip, groin, lower back or upper thigh areas and a decreased range of hip motion. These symptoms tend to progress gradually, so many people will ignore seeking treatment until their pain or stiffness interferes with their daily life.

Common Conditions of Hip Osteoarthritis

  • Temporary stiffness after a long period of inactivity
  • Inflexibilty or decreased range of hip motion
  • Pain during any hip movement
  • Limping while walking (due to pain)
  • Chronic swelling in the hip joints
  • Hip popping, crunching or grating sensation when moving
  • Hip tenderness or soreness to the touch
  • Bone spurs (points of the bone that grow outward due to constant friction of hip joints)

Arthritic conditions in your hips and lower back can often be caused by a series of problems, so it’s important to pinpoint your exact cause of pain early on to avoid symptoms turning into a chronic, life-long problem.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms and are worried you may have hip osteoarthritis or a similar hip condition? The best way you can treat your hip osteoarthritis is getting an early diagnosis so you can start a treatment plan as soon as possible.


Non-surgical treatments can often be effective at managing your day-to-day pain if a chronic condition has not developed. Our patients usually start out with a combination of medication and physical therapy. We then move on to a more substantial method of treating your hip pain called stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Hip Pain

If conservative approaches fail to eliminate your painful symptoms, stem cell therapy to treat hip osteoarthritis is a practical next step. This all natural, minimally invasive treatment offers a non-surgical approach to treating hip pain and arthritis by injecting harvested cells from your own body to promote an accelerated healing process in the joints.

Dr. Scott Katzman, one of our leading doctors, is pioneering the stem cell therapy field through extensive research and development on its effects to chronic and crippling conditions like spinal arthritis. He has seen firsthand the major breakthroughs patients with spine and hip arthritis experience with this minimally invasive approach.

For most patients, hip osteoarthritis symptoms can be successfully treated using non-surgical methods. For those whose condition has progressed to the point of extreme pain or immobility, surgery may be necessary.